Imagine creating your own rules

I am here to empower you and to give you the financial freedom that you deserve and desire.

I am not just going to hand it to you, I am going to walk you step by step to create the business of your dreams.


We are a community of changemakers: moms, health and wellness professionals and fitness coaches who have come together for one purpose.

To change the world and have financial freedom

Imagine this: you are a fitness leader, you are supporting people to make lifestyle changes, you are helping people to live a healthy life. you are empowering and creating financial freedom for yourself and helping others to do the same. You are a leader

How do I know this; because I lived this!

What do I do?

I am a business coach in the health industry.

I teach men and woman how to make health and fitness a top priority and make $ doing it.

WHO am I?

My name is Charity. I believe in financial and emotional freedom every moment of the day

I love playing with my little girl. I love hugging with my fiancé

But it wasn’t always cheery in my life.

I built my 6 figure business as a single mother. I know how to go to zero to $200K in 5 years

I have taught this same financial freedom system to others coaches and now it is your turn..

When you join my team you get:

access to my step by step to my financial freedom guide

access to my training access to one on one coaching as well as

access to thought provoking leaders in the fitness industry