5 Minute Meditation for Stress Relief

Stressed out? Feeling overwhelmed? WELCOME TO THE CLUB. Life right now is cray.

A few years ago, I discovered mediation and let me tell you, sister, has literally changed my life and saves me daily.

Stress is normal especially right now.

It happens to all of us! It’s just a matter of how you relieve that stress, and I’m here to give you a simple and effective way!

Find a quiet place where distractions are nonexistent (which for us Moms is next to impossible, I know ~ I usually put on my headphones to help me feel like I am alone or listen to music or a guided mediation and take deep breaths. I also find it helpful to listen while putting my daughter to bed)

For the next 5 minutes, your focus needs to be solely on the meditation.

Take a seat on the floor, bed, chair or couch. Cross your legs, leave them straight out, or lay down. The key is to not disrupt the meditation with movement. The most comfortable position for you is ideal. For the next 5 minutes, you will get lost in your meditation and movement would disrupt the tranquility.

Select your background music (waterfalls or soft piano music is a great choice) and add a few drops of lemon and lavender essential oil to your diffuser.

Set your timer to 5 minutes. That way, you don’t need to wonder when the 5 minutes are up- your timer will do that for you!

Begin your meditation. Close your eyes and relax. Visualize the stress and tension exiting your body from your head to your toes! Clear your mind of all thoughts, focus on your breathing, and letting go. Make sure to keep your eyes closed for the entire meditation, just don’t fall asleep! Do this for 5 minutes until your timer goes off.

After your meditation, slowly get up from your quiet spot and enjoy a glass of refreshing lemon water. You are renewed so freshen up!

Meditation is the perfect tool to redirect your body and bring you back to the present. You can meditate for the first 5 minutes of your day, after a long days work, or during your lunch break. You can do this meditation on vacation, in the parking lot of your favorite store, or your work. As you become more familiar with your meditation, feel free to increase the time from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes!

Check out my new favorite free meditation app – Insight Timer it has a ton of amazing guided mediations, meditation music and talks. My daughter and I love the mermaid mediation by Glenda Cederleaf on there.

By spending 5 minutes redirecting your body and mind to ease stress, you are increasing your mental and emotional strength, determination, and drive. There’s a wonderful feeling about a mind and stress cleanse! The beauty is, as simple and short as this meditation seems, the benefits of a quick 5-minute meditation are astounding. Give it a try yourself!

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