5 Ways To Create Me-Time In Your Busy Schedule

When we entered the beginning of this pandemic back in March, we relished the idea of tucking away for two weeks to enjoy some time at home. Little did we know we'd still be in the midst of it this long after, but we can still find the pieces of joy we need to come out on the other side of this whole and healthy. It's a balancing act where setting boundaries and taking care of yourself need to come into play. If you feel like you're not getting the time you need to nurture your needs, here's what to do.

Make your meals count We've got more than enough time on our hands these days. Fuel your body with what it needs and even try a few new healthy foods you've never tried before. Try to have fun with new recipes, finding bright and exciting ingredients to make dishes that look like Instagram-worthy restaurant shots to pamper yourself. There are tons of free cooking classes online for you to try, too.

Do something fun for exercise Physical activity helps boost immunity, so give it all you've got. I know the gym isn't a possibility right now unless you have a home gym, so look for fun things you can do to get that exercise in. Try dancing or at-home fitness routines online so you can keep your body moving while making it feel like you've escaped. Join me for my free monthly