8 Ways To Manage Your Stress

If you're feeling a bit stressed out lately, I'd love to share with you some of the simple tips I incorporate to deal with stress in my own life. It takes some time to find what truly works for you, and it takes even more practice to get into the habit of taking time to help yourself through stressful situations.

But that's exactly what it is -- practice. We make a commitment to help ourselves where we can and when we can, with the tools we find that work for our unique selves.

Here are eight simple and very actionable ways to manage daily stress that can fit perfectly into your daily routine.

Change your reaction One of the easiest ways to handle stress is to change perspective when it comes to the response. Figure out what's triggering the tension, then make a targeted strategy. It's so hard to cope with stress if you don't identify the source, so look it in the eyes and dig a little deeper to figure out the source.

Release via exercise Now is the absolute best time to try out that new Zumba class or high-intensity workout. Exercise is something you may do regularly anyway, but when you feel extra stressed, lean into an exercise routine you genuinely enjoy. Join my free monthly fitness challenge.

Let it out Sometimes, crying is helpful when it comes to stress, especially when we've bottled it all up inside. Letting it out can be very cleansing, especially when you do so with someone you trust.

Plan something nice just for yourself For many of us, stress happens because we're so busy taking care of everyone else's needs. Time to turn the tables and take care of yourself for a change. Take a soothing bath, schedule spa time, or take a walk among the trees. It's essential to replenish your cup in whatever way feels good to you.

Form new healthy habits You can fight stress by adding in new healthy habits. What patterns have been lingering in your mind that you've wanted to change? Start by making small strides in those changes, changing one step at a time. It's especially helpful to add in a healthier habit as you're getting rid of a not-so-healthy one. Join my group for healthy habits tips

Write about it You don't need to be a best-selling author to write. Buy a cute journal and write about your feelings. It can really help you out, especially if you have a bad day, and helps you revisit what you wrote on a good day. Journaling can take just a few minutes per day and give you a lot of peace of mind.

Drink that water Being dehydrated can make stress worse and make you feel more fatigued. Be sure you're replenishing your fluids regularly. If you aren't great at this, try buying a new water bottle you love and make sure to take it everywhere with you.

Know when to decline No one in this world is capable of doing it all. Whether it's too many projects at work or too many activities for the kids -- take a load off your plate. Permit yourself to say no when you're overwhelmed, and practice not overfilling your schedule regularly.

Now you can take these eight stress management tips and put them into action!

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