Affirmation Reflection: I am Opening up To Greater Love

Now is the time for me to open up and be transparent. I am brave enough now to find greater love. I am ready to be vulnerable. I am prepared to be honest with myself and others.

I have conquered the demons of fear. I have overcome my insecurities. I have done my inner work.

I now have the courage to receive more love. I give myself more love. I am so full of love that I now have plenty to share. I come to the table with a chalice of love to share.

Now that I have filled my own cup up first, I have an abundance of love to share with others.

Now that I seek only my own approval instead of relying on the approval of others, I can come from a place of genuine self-confidence.

I come from a bountiful place. I know that I am whole and complete just the way I am. Any external love is just a bonus.