Affirmation Reflection: Pausing Enables me to Reset & Recharge

I stop and take a break during moments of transition. I clarify my thinking and renew my energy.

I focus on my breath. I screen out distracting noises and nagging concerns. I feel calm as I inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

I check my posture. I lift my chest and lower my shoulders. I scan my body to find areas of tension. I relax stiff muscles and massage any sore spots. I walk around or do some stretching exercises.

I observe my thoughts. I accept my feelings and validate my experiences. I regard myself with love and compassion.

I visualize soothing and uplifting images. I picture my loved ones or my favorite vacation spot. I imagine sandy beaches or snowy mountains.

I repeat inspiring affirmations. I choose positive words and encouraging messages. I speak slowly and clearly. I smile as I look at myself in the mirror.

I use pauses to prepare for challenging tasks. I give myself a friendly pep talk. I concentrate on my purpose and boost my confidence.

I use pauses to manage stress. I instantly feel lighter.

I use pauses to make my life more meaningful and enjoyable. They help me to understand and apply my personal strengths. I remember how much I have to be grateful for. I feel closer to others and accomplish more with less effort.

Today, I increase my awareness and strengthen my powers of concentration. Pausing throughout the day helps me to relax and recharge.

Self Reflection Questions

  1. How does taking breaks increase my productivity

  2. Where can I find helpful information about breathing exercises?

  3. How can I remember to take br eaks during busy days?

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