Balance Your Fatty Acid Ratio to Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is a common problem for most people all over the world. The average diet most people have is likely responsible for major diseases caused by the excessive intake of trivial fatty acids.

Fatty acids that we eat daily in the form of “fast food” fill us up with defunct calories that do not add any freshness and energy to our system. Our immune system tends to suffer and such repetitive intakes and eating habits (over a long span of time), can cause chronic diseases.

It can be difficult to control your cravings for fast food, but the consequences for such habits are much higher and aggressive. The feeling of fatigue you feel after work, or that cranky attitude of yours is all because of eating junk food. When these empty calories meddle with your immune system, they cause inflammation in various parts of your body.

Inflammation results in decreased immunity and severe diseases as you grow older. Chronic diseases might include cardiac diseases, arthritis, or strokes. These acute problems are highly likely to affect you in your old age.

So, what can you do to restrain inflammation? It is simple, just follow the simple points that we have outlined below:

Control your diet

Try to use more olive oil in your cooking, and in your salads. Why else do you think Mediterranean cuisine is famous as healthy? Cut down on intake of oil and fried food. Eat fresh food, including fruits and vegetables (particularly the greens), that are both nutritious and healthy. Instead of saying no altogether to your cravings, try to develop a gradual decline. For instance, choose not to use mayo over the weekend; if the craving is too high, go for a lighter version. After you have practiced this much prohibition, move on to limiting fries and burgers.

This will decrease inflammation drastically. Most peoples’ diet is rich in Omega-6 nutrients while Omega-3 nutrients are absent in most daily diets. Therefore, you have to focus on getting quality diet and not to go for packaged products or edibles from fast food restaurants. This will increase your immunity and strengthen your body’s immunity against chronic diseases.

Better your choices in oils

Fish oil is a super light alternative and decreases inflammation drastically. Fish oil supplements can shed the extra kilos you worry about, while making you feel healthier and happier. Fish oil increases pro-resolution molecules in your body, which reduces inflammation.

It is a recommendation to try using olive oil for cooking. It is low in fatty acids and is ideal to make your intakes more nutritious, while decreasing your Omega-6 intake.

You can take such minor steps to live a long, happy, and healthy life. Just by following these simple steps, you can decrease your chances of suffering from chronic diseases and these will surely increase your immunity.

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