Beachbody Workout Successes – Body Measurements Marks

You have been working out for so long, your diet is healthy, your body is making advancements in fitness, but you do not see the scale marking any significant progress, what gives?

The fitness changes are not just indicated on the scales, but on the whole body. As you take on a Beachbody fitness program, your whole body goes into a transformation phase that offers results beyond the number on the scales.

There are two ways through, which you can mark your fitness journey with Beachbody. These include:

Marking On the Measurement Tracker:

One way of noting down your fitness progress is by marking your body size. To start, all you need is:

Measuring Tape: Although the Beachbody fitness programs come with a tape, but the usual one used for sewing can also help to mark the right body measurements.Body Fat Tester: This fat caliper is widely used to measure fat at the standardized points on the body. You can find it on Team Beachbody’s online storeA Friend: who will help you to take the size by knowing how and what to measure?

Beachbody has presented a weight management chart to track your body measurements as you work out your way to success. Record the difference from the day one until the end.

Take the measurements of your bicep, chest, waist, hips, thighs, and your calves and mark them on the chart. Make sure that you are consistent at taking body measurements from exactly the same point every 30 days. Begin by marking your arm size and move down.

And don’t lie! With the help of the weekly body measurement check-ins, you will get more encouragement even if you are not seeing the results on the scales. The numbers will help you see where all your efforts are really affecting.

Online Beachbody Body Fat Calculator:

Most trainers recommend that you should be using some sort of body fat calculation, in addition to weighing machines, to mark your body fat percentage. Beachbody offers a body fat percentage calculator that will help you keep track of your fat measurements at any time of the day.

With the help of this free body fat calculator tool, you can get an approximation of your body fat percentage and know how much you need to lose to attain a healthy fat percentage.

Become a coach by buying Beachbody Challenge packs and get free access to the Beachbody fitness club. By becoming a FREE member of Team Beachbody, you will also have access to a great body fat calculator, where you can see how close you are to your ideal results.

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Through fitness programs, your body is undergoing a change, and with the help of right measurements, you can see your own changes as you lose weight and mark Beachbody Success!

Accurately track your results with each workout by taking your measurements at the start, especially if you are doing P90X, Insanity, Body beast, Turbo Jam, and get some before pictures as well and get on with your fitness transformation.

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