Body Building to its Extreme with Body Beast’s Mass Gaining Workouts

Exercising, gyms, heavy weights, and all such words used to define fitness cannot do you any good unless you know well you can get trained. Train is you want actual results, and push your body harder to get massive gains.

My success came from the fact that I never let go of my passion, and I was willing to work hard. How hard are you willing to work and how bad do you want it?” – Sagi Kalev

Sagi Kalev the creator of Beachbody’s most gruesome workout yet, Body Beast maximize the efforts you put in to build your muscles with techniques that will prevent your body from plateauing.

Knowing the Toughest Workouts by Beachbody: Body Beast:

By taking the old-school body building techniques, Sagi has combined them together with the Dynamic set training that includes Single sets, super sets, Giant sets, Progressive sets, Drop Sets, Tempo sets and every other technique that you think can exhaust the muscles and recruit more muscle fiber for huge gains.

You get an average of 1-minute break between the sets and with each workout that is from 30-50 minutes, your muscles will be on the constant roll.

Lasting up to four weeks and keeping with the three phases of the program, all