Calculate the Calories You Burn Doing Best Beachbody Workouts!

Losing weight is directly proportionate to the calories that you intake. Like anything else, you need to calculate the amount, which you take in and account for it.

I read something very interesting about calculating calories, “Calculating Calories Burned is like accounting 101, you have debits and credits and you need to balance the books…..DAILY”.

Consequently, Calculation of the calorie is the mantra of weight loss.

Like anything else, track the number if you want to lose weight then play with the numbers but do not get too crazy. Beachbody workouts are designed in a way that you can easily count the calories that you burn (with Beachbody fitness programs) or intake (with the meals plans).

Calculating Calories Burned with Beachbody Workout Programs:

Here is an overview of the approximate calorie burn from each main Beachbody workout programs:

Focus T25:

In a 25-30 minute T25 workout, you will be burning around 350-400 calories (half of Insanity). For women, the calorie burn rate can vary between 250-300 calories per workout.

Power 90:

400 Calories burnt (average 36 minutes)


burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour


Burns an average of 600 calories per workout (average 57 minutes)