Calculating the Calorie Burn in T25 Workout

Commitment is the first thing you need to burn your fat with the workout. All you need is 25 minutes to get the best fitness results. The new insane workout Focus T25 by Shaun T aims to deliver same kind of results as you would expect from an hour-long program.

Here is how the new Focus T25 will help you burn the extra calories through its workout programs.

Doing T25 – Knowing the Basics:

Before we move towards the calorie burn in T25, you need to understand a little about the program.

Shaun T does not embrace the plyometric type of jumps that are originally included in the Insanity program. The T25 workout is more like a combination of both Turbofire workouts with similar kicks and punches, and Insanity with the same sports agility.

The kicks, punches, lunges, calf raises, and jumps in the workout are easy to learn. For beginners, Tanya proves low impact modifications so that even at start, you can build your strength and stamina. The low impact workout is equally good as the actual one because it offers similar results.

Once you get a hold on the program, you two phases, with 5 workouts each for 5

days a week:

ALPHA Cycle Workout including: Cardio, Speed 1.0, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals and Lower Focus

BETA Cycle Workout includes Core Cardio, Speed 2.0, Rip’t Circuit, Dynamic Core, and Upper Focus.

The Gamma phase is available in the deluxe T25 workout package and it lasts 4 weeks. If you are done with the first two phases, get the gamma cycle to advance muscle build up, calorie burn and improve speed and agility.

Moreover, when you buy the T25 workout program you will receive “Get It Done Nutrition Guide”. This guide will help you calculate your calorie intake per single meal. Moreover, you will get to know how to define the meals for advanced nourishment during the workouts.

Total Calorie Burn Count with T25 Workout:

The reason why you will burn more calories with T25 is that the program focuses on muscle groups until they get tired. This helps to maximize the body’s calorie burn-rate to burn more fat.

The T25 results are different for both genders and they vary from person to person as well. Normally people who are doing the T25 burn between 250-200 calories per workout. However, if you are doing low intensity workout with Tanya, the calorie burn count will be lower.

Here is an estimated calorie burn rate in the first month of T25 with each workout:

Cardio: 205 caloriesSpeed 1.0: 210 caloriesTotal Body Circuit: 180 caloriesAb Intervals: 175 caloriesLower Focus: 230 Calories

You can always augment the calorie burn rate by adding heavier equipments. The calorie burn in the T25 second cycle would be higher than in the Alpha, because your body will be ready to sweat more and burn more fat at every stage.

Add Core Speed free bonus workout to your program when you attain your FOCUS T25 through your Team Beachbody Coach, push harder, burn more calories, and attain a shredded body within minutes.

Order today, if you do not want to miss the biggest breakthrough in fitness since Insanity.

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