Celebrating 4 Years as a Coach

Today I am Celebrating 4 years as a Beachbody Coach…my life is so completely different

4 years ago, I signed up as a coach, a few days before Thanksgiving. I had goals of getting into the best shape of my life BEFORE the new year. We were completely BROKE and so I decided I should sign up as a coach just to get the 25% discount on Shakeology and Insanity.

I remember the day that I watched a video explaining how the business works. I saw all of these people having huge success, getting out of debt and in really great shape. I thought that was was cool but not something I could do…

So I started my work out and drinking my shake….and listening to coach calls that were inspiring me to make big changes.

One of the things that we as coaches do is personal development. I started reading books like GOALS by Brian Tracy, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and Success Principles by Jack Canfield. These books completely changed my life. I started making GOALS and DREAMING BIG. I started to BELIEVE in myself…

My little girl didn’t sleep in the early years as a coach, my husband was working crazy hours round the clock the the Air Force Base. My life was very out of balance. Finding the time to work on my business was challenging. So I gave up watching TV and investing more time into my business and working when ever I could. I started sharing what I love about Beachbody work out with people and I built a solid business using Social Media.

A year ago, my little $39 business investment turned into a 6 figure a year income. I thought that this was something that “other people” did. I feel so incredibly blessed to have made that small decision that changed my life!! Being a part of this incredible business has given me so much confidence to GROW as a person, as a mother, daughter, friend, business owner….

My life is so different…

This journey has not been an easy one. Earlier this year I filed for divorce. I did all that I could to save my marriage. We had tried all we could to make it work and it was not going to work. Our daughter deserves to have 2 HAPPY parents in 2 separate households rather than 2 miserable in 1. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make….I am grateful for the stability this business has provided me. I am able to stay in my home and pay the bills and take my little girl on fun vacations. I know that many women in the same shoes do not have that luxury. Being able to be home with my little girl and not have to worry about the bills is PRICELESS.

I have been so blessed to get to help so many people reach their physical goals with Beachbody work outs and supplements and others who have decided to join me and be my business partner. One of my beautiful coaches and her husband were about to lose their house due to foreclosure when they joined me in my business. Today, they are still in their house and doing BIG things helping pay it forward. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to see others on my team be successful.

As I start into my 5th year as a coach, I feel stronger, more alive than ever. I have even bigger goals to help more people reach their goals.

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