Change Your life, Change Your Habits

Have you ever wondered why certain people are successful and certain people are not?

Research has shown that those who are successful tend to have better daily habits.

“So how do I change my Habits?” you may ask.

Here are three tips to get you on your way to better habits every day.

Step 1. It all starts with a choice. A change of mind is all it takes to change a habit. If you make your mind up that you’re going to set new habits, that’s where you want to start. There are also supporting habits that will need to change to support your new habit. For example, if you decide you want to start working out every day, some supportive habits would include: setting out your workout clothes the night before, getting up when your alarm goes off instead of pressing snooze, etc.

Step 2. Write It Down. It is proven time and time again that people that stick to their new goals and habits are more successful when they write it down. But don’t just write it down once. Put your new goals everywhere. If you need to put a post it note in every room to help you when creating a new habit- then do it!

Step 3. Just Do It. That’s right- go out and do it. Start your new habit today. Stop procrastination, waiting until “tomorrow” or “Monday” and start NOW. Get off the COUCH and DECIDE to WRITE DOWN your new habit and create the results you dream!

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