Combat Les Mills Body Workout: Buy Online Now!

LesMills Combat martial arts–inspired workouts are going to hit the stores today! (4th of December 2012)

Those of you who had not preordered the Body Combat workout program before 3rd December have missed the opportunity of exclusive savings with free shipping. However, you can order your pack today and start get your pack delivered to you before Christmas. Les Mills Body Combat blends calorie-blasting interval training with the most effective body-shredding and explosive moves from a range of martial arts disciplines. Price:

Retail $59.85;Club $53.87;Coach $44.89

To get the LesMills Body Combat Here is your holiday Shipping Reminder:

For Arrival by Christmas, make sure that your order before 14th December (Standard Shipping), or by 17th December (Rush Shipping).For Arrival by New Year’s Day, order your pack by 20th December (Standard Shipping), or by 26th December (Rush Shipping).

Buy the Les Mills Body Combat and push your body by the highly choreographed escalating sequences—moving from controlled moves to dynamic power moves, and then building to vigorous high-speed combinations. Your Body Combat by Les Mills home workout plan is all ready to ship by Beachbody. Make sure you place the order carefully by knowing about the essential workout kits. For details on ordering and support click on the button below:

You can order from the following Les Mills Combat Workout Beachbody Challenge packages:

Les Mills Combat Kit

Inclusive of

Les Mills 7 Combat workouts,the Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide,the Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide,Tape Measure and Measurement Tracker,the 60-day workout calendars.

Les Mills Combat – Supreme Warrior Kit

The Supreme Warrior package includesEverything from Les Mills Combat Kit,Plus the Les Mills Combat Training Gloves.

Les Mills Combat – Ultimate Warrior Kit

The Ultimate Warrior Kit includes everything in the Supreme Warrior Kit, plus 4 additional workouts:

Warrior 1: Upper Body Blow Out

Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean OutInner Warrior: Strength And StretchCore Attack

Order LES MILLS COMBAT on Team Beachbody

As it says, “unleash your inner warrior” you are set to workout with the pinnacle of combat fitness that can help you achieve rapid weight loss and body sculpting. The high intensity mixed martial arts techniques are available on 5 DVDs and comes along with

Stay With the Fight Fitness Guide,the Eat Right for the Fight Nutrition Guide,Tape and Measurement Tracker,The 60-day workout calendars to mark your successes.

Act fast as this latest combating style by Les Mills is out in the stores; do not miss ordering your DVDs before Christmas.

View the promo video

The Les Mills Combat is purely a way for achieving an outrageously shredded body. Order by December 13, 2012 for delivery by December 24, 2012.

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