Does The Winter Make You Fat?

Many people also start going into hibernation mode come dropping temps. We eat heavier foods. We gain (more) weight. We cozy up and hunker down.

There are numerous holiday parties that start after Thanksgiving leading up to Christmas. Work parties, family parties, drinks with your girlfriends, neighborhood potlucks, Yankee swaps. The list goes on. And just when you think it will slow down, Christmas arrives, leading you into New Year’s Eve, and topping it off with Valentines Day.

Holy more weight gain! Continuous months of indulging and mindless eating and drinking.

So, how are you going to handle the arrival of winter?

Fear not. Winter is a great time to detox, leading into the lightness of spring.

Don’t forget to get your vitamin D. The days get their shortest come winter. Researchers at Aberdeen University found that obese people had 10% less vitamin D than people of average weight. The study also found that excess body fat absorbed vitamin D so the body couldn’t use it. Scientists now believe that there is a direct correlation between obesity and low levels of vitamin D. With that, get out there, even in the cold, and get your sunshine, if only for 10 minutes per day.

Move your booty and continue exercising regularly. It can be as simple as taking a walk out in the snowy terrain.

Sometimes you may not feel like it due to the cold weather, but hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.