Fitness Preferences: Beachbody P90X Workout Schedule or Insanity Program

P90X workout schedule is poles apart from the Insanity workout plan. The decision lies only on the personal preferences of the people and therefore the right question will instead be which is the better Beachbody workout for you from Insanity and P90x workout?

That being said, it is important that if you have come, as a beginner you can start each of the programs at your own pace, but the important thing is that you get the one more suitable to your personal needs.

Face Off Beachbody Insanity Routines Vs. P90X Workout Schedule:

Both of these Beachbody products are no doubt incredible and are risk-free with no harmful substances used in the program to augment the body artificially. Here is a difference you want to know:

1.How Long Does It Take To Complete The Workout Program?

The P90x workout program is a 90-day program, which includes three different versions, Classic, Lean and Doubles. You can select the version of the workout according to your needs.

The P90X workout schedule for most of the workouts is around 60 minutes long, except the two workout routines: Cardio X, which is 45 minutes long and Yoga X, which is 90 minutes long.

Insanity workout on the other hand is a 60-day program. The workout schedule of Insanity is divided upon two months time. The month one has workout programs that ranges from 38 minutes to 55 minutes, however due to the intense Max Interval Training routines, you will be glad that they are short. The month two, have even harder workout routine that ranges from 37 minutes time to 86 minutes.

In addition, unlike the P90X workout program, Insanity workout schedule includes a Fit test, which is 25 minutes long and will help you know quickly if the program is fit for you or not.

2.What are the Costs When you Buy Insanity or P90X Workout Schedule?

The ordering price of both Insanity workouts and P90X are the same at $119 if you purchase the products from the Beachbody coaches. However, you will get higher prices for them if you check out other ecommerce sites such as Amazon, where it is priced at around $140.

The shipment and handling charges if both the programs are almost the same, when you buy from a registered Beachbody coach.

3.Which Beachbody Workout Program has the Better Diet Guide?