Focus T25 for Women in Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Good news: pregnant women can work out to ease some of the aches and pains. Just by adding some less time-consuming exercises on daily basis, moms to be can augment their health and fitness for the future as well.

Focus T25 workout is amazing 25 minutes workout for moms who are looking to get fit. If you are pregnant, you can also take on the T25 workout by knowing a few precautionary steps:

Take on T25 workout if you have an athletic build and if your body is used to doing high intensity training routines.If you do not suffer from any pregnancy complications and are not on any fertility meds, then it can be ok to start low intensity T25 workout while pregnant.To get in shape after pregnancy, get help from T25 by consulting with your OBGYN.

Remember that the key to exercising during pregnancy is that you take the routines slow and steady. T25 is a more than a moderate exercise routine. Expectant moms need to be careful with their workout routines before they start training their bodies.

Moreover, a number of women, who are trying to get pregnant, start the workouts as a modifier to help them conceive. T25 low impact modifications can be great way to bring strength and stamina to your body. Thus, doing T25 while trying to conceive should be fine, providing that you are physically fit.

Even the 39-year-old New York mother lost about 60 lbs. of pregnancy weight gain with T25 workout. This woman, known as ‘The Machine’, admits that maintaining her weight loss had been a constant struggle.

T25 Workout Basics:

This new workout is an intense workout, but also gives the option of low intensity routines for women. Tanya, the workout trainer will offer the same T25 routines by Shaun T that can be adjusted with the body easily.

Originally, the moves taken from the program embrace plyometric type of jumps from Insanity program, with some modifications of kicks and punches, and sports agility similar to Turbofire. The T25 burns between 250-300 calories per workout. And comes with two phases (Alpha Cycle and Beta Cycle), with 5 workouts each divided upon 5 days a week.

In addition to the routines, the T25 nutrition guide “Get It Done” is an awesome plan for pregnant women and new moms to keep a track on their health and get in shape. This nutrition plan is structured so that you can calculate your calorie intake per single meal at ease.

How Often Can You Do T25 During Pregnancy?

It is usually safe to exercise during the second trimester but you have to sure that you do not stain your body with the routines. The 25 minutes of workout by T25 is an ideal time for most pregnant women to manage comfortably in their routines. Make sure that you also increase your daily calorie count as the months go by, take help from T25 nutrition guide to manage that.

For your and baby’s health, you need to make sure that you workout by keeping your heart rate in a good range. If exercise is too strenuous, there is a risk that less oxygen will reach the baby.

Seek medical help before taking on your fitness goals with Shaun T’s Focus T25 workouts!

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