Great Things To Make In Your Insta-Pot

If your instant pot only gets taken out of the cupboard when it’s time to make a big batch of rice, soup, or beans, it’s time to dust it off and use it! There are so many different ways to use an instant pot that you may have never thought about. An instant pot is a multi-purpose pressure cooker that will save you so much time and hassle compared to the conventional way of cooking your meals. It can also replace so many home appliances, which saves you money and space in your kitchen.

Rice One of the most common uses of an instant pot is its function as a rice cooker. There’s no need for a rice cooker— which serves only one purpose— when you have an all-in-one instant pot. Best of all, in an instant pot, you can throw in all of the remaining ingredients for your meal with the rice and cook it all at the same time!