H is for Holiday and Healthy

healthy holiday food

Here’s a Fun, Healthy Holiday Acronym! Enjoy and Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Happy- Have your fill of your Holiday favorites and enjoy every bit of yummy food to stay Happy!

Eat only until you’re full.

Activity! Stay active. Go on a walk, get a good workout in first thing or arrange fun activities outside for friends and family. This will help you digest better- but is also fun memories for everyone!

Laugh! Laughing burns calories, but it’s also REALLY fun! (Laugh, don’t cry at family drama- pretend it’s not your family- but a crazy comedy)

Take care of yourself! Remember that it’s OK to take some time for you. If things seem stressful or overwhelming- remember you can give yourself a time out! That can be going to bed at a good time, taking a nap, or going to a get a pedicure! You will be happier if you are taking care of yourself!

Healthy- besides the big meals, try to really eat healthy and keep in touch with your LONG TERM goals!

YAY! That’s right YAY- It’s a HOLI-DAY! Have fun, enjoy loved ones, and focus on the positive!

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