Happiness is a Way of Life

“Happiness is not a destination. It is a Way of life.”

I love this picture I found, and I find it’s message to be so true. Sometimes people go  their whole lives wondering “How Can I get happy?” The answer is that happiness does come and go, however it can happen a lot more often if you change your mentality.

Here are 3 short tips to help you achieve happiness on your daily journey:

Start and end your day with gratitude. Whether you’re writing it down or saying it out loud- be grateful! No matter what life brings there are always things and people we can be grateful for. Just the simple act of saying or writing down things/people we’re grateful for will make us happier right away! Try it!Exercise! It is proven that exercising your body- whether through a brisk walk, run, or athletic activity helps release endorphins and helps make us HAPPIER!Watch a comedy! If you’re feeling down, a quick way to feeling happy is LAUGHTER! Do a google or youtube search for your favorite show or comedian. You’ll find after a couple laughs that you feel (and look) happier!

As always I’d love to hear what YOU think! How do you stay Happy? Let me know in the comments below or over on my Facebook page! Let’s all get and stay Happy together!

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