Healthier Alternatives for winters – Avoiding Illness and Staying Well!

It is freezing cold outside! Snowy winters are a hard time for many to keep away from the cold and flu. Most of the people go under the winter hibernation mode – sitting indoors all day long by the fireplace. However, you cannot avoid the sniffles just by staying away from the chills outside, you need to make everyday health decisions to alternate your routine and make a bigger difference to your health.

Here are some proven tricks for you to adopt in the daily lives, so that you can stay healthy and beat the symptoms of cold as the mercury level drops.

What Can Help to Control the Colds: Hot Beverages or Vit. C Juices?

Orange Juice is no doubt full of vitamin C that helps to fight the cold. However, orange juice actually reduces your immunity and makes you more susceptible to catch a cold. According to a study, the carbohydrates that you take inform of the orange juice will reduce the function of white blood cells significantly, and thus reduces the function of a healthy immune system.

It is therefore said that you should stay away from fruit juices and take on hot tea, specially herbal, as they not only clear the nasal passages, but also sooths the throat while fighting off the cold.

Which One is the best Pick: Black Tea or Green Tea?

Taking on tea is important in winters to keep the immunity of the body amplified. They hav