How to Add More Nutrition to Your Family Feasts This Season

Not sure what you're going to serve for the holidays this year? Holiday feasts are something we all look forward to and enjoy. The company, the savory, seasonal foods, the atmosphere -- it's all a part of the equation.

If you need some inspiration on what to serve this year, I've got just the ideas for you. Most of all, these ideas can help you add more superfoods and hidden veggies into your holiday meals to shake things up. Nutritious can be delicious when you think outside the box and use the seasonal bounty of foods to create something that tastes so good that everyone will be shocked to learn it's good for them.

Here are some suggestions to round out your meal with healthier options without sacrificing flavor.

Hors D'oeuvres and Appetizers Add healthy toppings to crisp crostini with kale and white beans Stuff tomatoes with feta, fresh herbs, and quinoa Turn brussels sprouts into sliders for an easy grab n' go appetizer Make a healthy dip by offering hummus with spiced sweet potatoes Give pumpkin soup a makeover with roasted garlic and sage Put out a bowl of spicy roasted pumpkin seeds for everyone to munch on

Sides Make a kale salad base with fresh apple and roasted cauliflower Go for beets in a salad with avocado and ginger dressing for an exotic twist Try fresh cranberry sauce with ginger, pomegranate, and a little lime Roast cauliflower and black lentils with cumin Replace that heavy stuffy with an herbed wild rice and quinoa blend Bake sweet potatoes with ginger and cardamom Serve a roasted butternut squash seasoned with turmeric and smoked paprika

Desserts Make tarts with acai berries Use pumpkin and carob for a sweet baked treat Bake pears or apples and add a crushed walnut crust for crispness Enjoy healthy dark chocolate bark with cranberries and pumpkin seeds

Drinks Create a pretty, pink cranberry ginger spritzer with club soda Add lemon and ginger to your homemade apple cider Infuse club soda-based cocktails with rosemary and bunches of other fresh herbs

If you put some thought into it, there are so many ways to twist the traditional standby dishes we serve for the holidays into something healthier.

We were on the right track with sweet potatoes and pumpkins, and loading them up with fresh herbs and seasonal spices adds more flavor while keeping things healthy.

Love yourself and your family even more by dishing up more superfoods and veggies into your holiday meals and feasts. What's your favorite holiday dish?

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