How to Beat the Winter Blues & Connect the Way Scandinavians Do

Does winter always get you down? If you tend to get the blues when you pull out your sweaters and outerwear, it's time to take a page from those in far more blustery conditions. In Norway, they have a concept known as 'koselig.' The closest term in English that can explain it is something of coziness. 

It goes far beyond merely being cozy, though. It revolves around embracing winter for the beautiful things it gives us. Yes, it's freezing outside, the snow can pile up, and you probably miss the warm sunshine. But there are treasures to be found in this season too, and that's what koselig is all about. 

This Norwegian concept reminds us to look for the positives in things we find negative, and the best part is that there is no wrong way to do it. Norway is known as one of the happiest countries globally despite having