How to Cleanse Your Mind of Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts can creep into our day and can be hard to get out of our heads. This can affect our drive and ability to navigate through life’s tasks as fluidly as we’d like. Negative thoughts can affect sleep, motivation, productivity, emotional strength and stability.

When negative thoughts get into our minds, the energy can pull you down. The unconscious mind works in such powerful ways, to diminish our happiness and make us feel poorly about certain things in our life.

If you’re feeling down or overrun by negative thoughts, keep reading.

The most effective way to cleanse your mind of negative energy is finding the source of your unhappiness; more-so, the root of what is directly causing these negative thoughts to surface. Ask yourself, what is causing me to have these negative thoughts? Your happiness lies in the solution to your answer.

Find a quiet place to sit and reflect. Close your eyes and identify the root of your unhappiness. Allow your thoughts and feelings to reflect how this thought is affecting you. How does it make you feel?

Decide what you would like to replace your negative thought with. Perhaps a word or phrase, saying an affirmation, or remembering a happy memory.

Feel yourself releasing the tension and negative thought from your head to your toes.