How to Ditch Your Soda Habit

A soda habit is hard to kick. If they're a part of your life, they've probably been a part of your life for a very long time. Any habit can be challenging to give up, but soda can be especially tricky, given its addictive nature. 

If giving up soda has been on your mind lately, I want to assure you there's a slow way to do it.  If you're worried about caffeine withdrawal headaches, missing it too much, or just feeling nervous about a significant shift in your life -- let's work on it slowly. Baby steps often get us to our destination in a far more lasting way than trying it cold turkey. 

I promise you'll feel so much better when you start getting these artificial sweeteners and other ingredients out of your system -- you'll wonder what took you so long to ditch the soda habit. 

One thing that helps is having a replacement, so here are a few alternatives to soda as you're making your switch...

Fruit-infused water