How To Get Paid Doing What You Love!

Wouldn’t you love to greet every morning with enthusiasm and excitement? And how great would it be to know how to get paid doing what you love?

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?

Instead, like so many people, you feel stuck in a rut. Trapped in a job or life situation that seems to suck the very life out of you.

Well, if it makes you feel any better, you’re not alone. Far too many people feel the same way.

Do you ever ask yourself these questions:

Is there something more out there for me?Is this the best I can realistically expect in my current situation?Am I making a difference in people’s lives?Am I giving my family the best part of myself, or do they see me always grumpy and grouchy?

You’re Not Alone

If any of these questions hit a nerve, it may be small comfort to know you’re not alone.

You didn’t start out this way. You had high hopes and aspirations, hopeful expectations for the future.

Where did it all go wrong?

You Can Take Back Control

You may feel hopeless and stuck, but as long as you’re still drawing breath, there’s time to take back control.

You may be a college graduate, who had a high-paying, rewarding job before you decided to stay home and raise your children.

Or you might not have gone to college, either by choice or by circumstance, and believe you lack necessary skills.

You may have a job, but you hate it, and it doesn’t pay very much.

I hear these stories all the time, and they make me sad.

I know you’d rather be home with your children or doing a job you love.

I also know you probably think it’s too late for you.

That’s where you’re wrong.

Your Biggest Fears Hold You Back

You worry all the time.

You worry that you lack skills, experience, knowledge, education.

You’ve talked yourself into believing you’re stuck.

You’re not!

You do have options. You do have choices.

What Do You Love To Do?

How would you spend your time, if you had no conflicting obligations?

What hobby do you love, but never find time to do?

What cause are you passionate about and would spend more time championing, if only you had more time and money?

What do you love to do so much, you’d do it for free?

The Answer Is In Your Heart

There’s such contentment and fulfillment when we believe we’re making a difference.

When we’re helping others, effecting positive change.

Did you know that almost any passion you have can become a business?

You probably think starting a business means opening a shop, or a restaurant, or getting an office and hiring employees.

The very thought stops you in your tracks. It’s overwhelming.

It’s impossible.


Not so fast. It is possible, more so than you think.

How about a home business?

Knocking Down The Walls

We live in the age of technology. Almost anything or anyone is just a few keystrokes away.

It’s called the internet.

(Admit it. I just made you smile.)

You use it to do online shopping.

You read blog posts from your favorite websites and celebrities.

You do Google searches.

Did you know you can use it to build a business?

Right from your home?

In your pajamas, if the mood strikes?

A business that can be anything you want it to be.

Which brings us back to the question I asked before:

What do you love to do?

Not Easy, But Worth It

Now, I can’t tell you it’ll be easy.  Nothing worth having ever is.

But if you love what you do, have a passion for what you do, no challenge or obstacle will stop you.

At least not for long.

The trick is finding what it is you want to do — and getting started doing it.

Drawing that line in the sand and saying, This is what I’m going to do.

How To Get Started

So how do you get started?

How do you know if you’ll be able to make it work?

While there are no guarantees, the more you want something, the higher your odds of making it happen.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Make a list of things you love doing.

What activities would you do for free? Determining that is half the battle. Once you’ve identified your real passions, you can begin some research.

Start with a list of things you enjoy — painting, writing, cooking, animal care, gardening.  Brainstorm. Leave nothing off the list.

Remove all limits.

Do your research.

Once you have your list, pick your top two or three and start doing some research to see if it’s a viable business idea.

Thankfully you have Google, right?

Are there already businesses doing what you would like to do?  Do they appear to be online companies, meaning people purchase products and get help online from a website?

Almost anything can be an online business. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

If you have a skill or some knowledge you can pass along to others, you have the seed of an online business.

And don’t worry if you see others already doing what you want to do.  That’s a good thing. It means there’s a market for your service.

Figure out what steps you can take to get started.

You probably won’t be able to jump right in full-time. You’ll likely need to get started gradually, working on it part time.

If you have a day job, you’ll need to do your tasks in the evenings and on weekends.

Fit your business-building tasks around your family and other obligations and priorities.

The point is that you get started.  There are lots of free resources you can use to help you at this stage.

Get the basics going.

For an online home business, you’ll need a website. WordPress is a great place to start. You can build a simple site yourself, just to get going.

No need to rush. Take your time. You want to do this right.

When your business grows, you’ll expand on what you’ve started.

The Light And The Tunnel

These are simple suggestions, meant to get you thinking outside the box.

Once you get moving, your research will help you dig deeper to get things moving.

And growing.

But hopefully, I’ve helped you see a glimmer of hope for the future.

You’re never stuck. There are always options.

You just have to be open to new ideas and let your heart lead you to the possibilities.

Your better life is waiting for you.

For more information on how you can build a home business and make money doing what you love to do, just click here for a free download to help get you started: Free Biz Download.

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