How To Set Goals You Can Accomplish This Year ⭐️

Every year we we raise our glasses and proclaim things we will change. And we start the year off with the best intentions, don’t we? Listen to my podcast – Wishes Granted: How To Set Goals You Will Accomplish This Year

I’ll get in shape: get my free 7 day ab attack here

I will fit in my skinny jeans: 7 ways to lose weight now

I will start eating healthier foods

I will finally write that book

I will finally start that business I have been thinking about

We all feel so proud of these statements. Then the clock sticks midnight, we hug and kiss, and and we carry home a sack full of promises that we really want to keep. but time marches on and while we start off on the right foot, life seems to get in the way making for an easy way out. You CAN stick to the changes you want to see for yourself, here is how.

Tell someone you trust about hour resolutions. Remember that not everyone will understand and that is ok. Join my community for free supportDon’t set too many goals at once. Decide to make smaller changes rather than setting a whole bunch at once that will leave you frustrated and overwhelmed.Don’t stay focused on the end results. Set smaller goals that lead you to the big goal and celebrate your victoriesClear your mind of can’t. Keep in mind that change will not be easy. It will be exciting at first but once the novelty wears off – you might be tempted to give up. NOT. THIS. YEAR. Create Your Winning MindsetClear your mind. Step away from social media, put down your phone and be alone with your thoughts.   Practice self care. Read a good book, practice meditation, journal writing and get some fresh air. Download a copy of my free journal 

I would love to know what you are working on this year. I would love to see if I can help you reach goals this year. Email me to set up your free 20 minute goal setting strategy session.

I can’t wait to talk! xo

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