Insanity Workout for Women – Leaner Body, Stronger Muscles

Working out is especially hard for women, not just because they lack time at home, but also because they do not have the physical strength comparable to that of men. Their bone structures are weaker and therefore, it is harder for them to indulge in heavy weight lifting exercises.

Beachbody offers a number of extreme home fitness programs, such as P90X, Insanity, Body Beast and the like, which are considered as men focused workouts due to their advanced techniques. However, women can also take their fitness to the next level with these extreme cardio-conditioning workouts for greater results.

Insanity Workout Review For Building Cardiovascular Strength:

Insanity workout for women can be the hardest cardiovascular workout available in the market. As each workout is made so that you workout at a strenuous pace, you will be utilizing your entire body’s strength through the routines. The workout routine changes every week and in just 60 days, you will be confusing the body with number of moves, and ultimately preventing it from reaching the fitness plateaus.

The idea of “Max Interval Training” will make you use the workouts so that you utilize a traditional routine, which includes intense reps and longer rest periods. Moreover, the circuit training method used in the Insanity workout routines will include you to use your own body weight to build up the resistance.

Building on the Insanity Workout Schedule:

The Insanity workout program will let you get on with the routines by initiating the warm up session. It will include interval bouts of jogging, various kicking moves, several minutes of stretching, and jumping jacks sequences, which will warm up your body. Following the workout, here is what your first month of Insanity will look like:

Fit Test

Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Cardio Power and Resistance

Cardio Recovery

Pure Cardio

Eventually, you will be using specific movements while taking on the repetition and adding to the intensity of the workouts.

The Bottom Line:

Insanity workout is a great workout for women who are out of shape and are looking for workouts that will push them past their physical limits. In just $120, you are in for seeking increased muscle size while gaining on the strength and cutting off the weight.

The best way is to purchase the program, do the workouts, and follow the Elite Nutrion Plan to advanced results.

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