Making 2012 My Best Year Yet

It’s a new year and a new attitude!! I decided about 3 or 4 months ago to make 2012 my BEST YEAR EVER!! I am determined to make that happen!

It’s January 13, 2012 and I am sitting here in my quiet apartment pondering my life. Thinking about the things that have happened over the last few weeks. I decided long ago that this would be the best year of my life NO MATTER WHAT…

Over the last few weeks I have had LIFE ALTERING things happen to me and my family. I have not spoken about these things out in the open as they are very near and dear to my heart. As time passes, I will be able to more easily talk about what has happened over these last weeks….

The reason why I am talking about this is ATTITUDE!! I came into 2012 expecting the best, wanting the best. Life happened, and it’s been very difficult for my family. But because I planned to make this my best year yet and I BELIEVE that it will be, nothing, no matter what will change my attitude. Honestly, if I hadn’t planned to make this my best year, surrounded myself with a gigantic support group and done a lot of self discovery in 2011, I don’t know how I would be surviving. Many would have already thrown in the towel to the brand new year and given up. NOT ME!

That which doesn’t kill you, makes you STRONGER!!

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