Manifestation Teachings of the Sunflowers

Years ago, I had a burning desire to have sunflowers in my garden and as I began to see tall and wonderful flowers in my mind's eye I bought seeds even though my gardening skills were not high in that time. Nevertheless, I trusted in nature and chose a nice patch under my window to plant the seeds for I wanted to see the flowers every morning.

In my great excitement I forgot the bag of seeds outside and the birds took their share out of it leaving but a small quantity. On the top of that, there were signs telling another story: some mysterious animal transported seeds away and lost some along the way to the garden's end.

Days went by and a feeling of excitement and expectancy spread in my heart and body until I could see the emerging little plants. My excitement knew no end and soon enough I contracted the habit of observing the young plants which grew relatively fast as we had a sunny and mild Spring. Things went well and I attached lots of hope to my sunflowers until their heads were so big that I expected them to bloom and open up their beautiful faces the next day. In that night I couldn't sleep well because I was impatient to see my flowers blooming; I could clearly hear it rain for hours.

Early in the morning, I went bare foot to the garden, so great was my impatience and imagine my surprise and disappointment when I discovered that what seemed to be a whole army of hungry snails climbed up to the flowers hearts and simply ate them. My frustration then equalled my previous excitement. The "flowers" were still standing tall but they would never bloom, I was devastated!

In the shock's aftermath, I decided I had to plant new seeds, which I did immediately while re