My Mission: To Set A Healthy Example To My Daughter

I am so SAD when I hear about young girls who say they are fat and are going on diets. I am passionate about teaching my daughter to be healthy. I grew up with a Mom who has always dieted and tried everything she can to lose weight. Even when she was thin, she felt she was fat. My Mom was put on her first diet when she was 6. I have seen her struggle from a daughter’s eyes and it breaks my heart to see her always trying to be thin. She is beautiful and I am proud of her. She doesn’t need to be a certain number on the scale to be beautiful.

As a young girl, my Mom did her best to teach me healthy habits. She taught be about calories and about working out. I am proud of her for teaching me this even though it is something she has struggled with for most of her life….

When I became a Mom to my beautiful daughter, I realized that setting the example was more important that ever. I needed to do something for myself to get in better shape and I needed to do something so I could teach her what healthy is.

I am disgusted by the media and how it portrays women and how we need to be thin to be accepted. You see it in magazines and movies….it is all over the place. This is why I felt it was important to set the example for my daughter at an early age. There are kids who are like my Mom out there…being raised to think that you have to starve yourself to be thin. What’s worse is there are many Moms who complain about their own bodies around their kids and the kids learn these habits and start to dislike what they see. This is NOT OK!!

I am no expert in this arena. I am just a Mom who is passionate about teaching my daughter to be healthy. Kids are vulnerable…they need to be taught at home so they have a solid foundation when they get into school and peer pressure is around them. I am glad that my Mom taught me to be healthy.

What do I do? How am I setting this example? I started doing P90X when she was 14 months old. She would sit next to me and play while I worked out with my laptop. She is now 3 years old and LOVES to work out with me. I am proud that she enjoys working out and thinks it’s actually FUN!

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