New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology is Available Now!

New Greenberry Shakeology that your Taste buds would not resist to get used to it hit the market on Monday 6 May 2013. This is no longer that old Shakeology that you classify as “Boring” for your taste buds. Get over your common complaints for Greenberry Shakeology, you will no longer feel and think of it as:

Grass flavoredLess fruityLess sweetNot high in nutrition like New Customer Approved Chocolate ShakeologySuitable for mature taste-buds

What does New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology has for you?

New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology is an explosive fusion of:

Super foods (Lou Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt)Pea protein Improved amount of super greens

What to expect of NEW Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology?

As the label indicates, it is “Customer Approved”. It means that a group of coaches and customers has already approved it. According to latest reviews on New customer approved Shakeology, it is:

FruitierHealthiercalories reduced from 140 to 130,carbs dropped from 19g to 13g,protein is increased from16g to 17g,

fiber is increased from 3g to 4g, andsugar is dropped from 11g to 6gNutritiousSweeter

Order New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology Now!

To order your New Customer Approved Greenberry Shakeology, there are three options for you:If this is your first time with Shakeology, you can order it HERE.If you are already into Shakeology HD program and using other Shakeology flavors, you can go back to your account and select “Greenberry”, and add it into your cart.If you are already on Shakeology HD for Greenberry flavor, you will be automatically be switched over to new flavor.

Please feel free to ask any question that comes into your mind. I am happy to answer them. Leave me a message at my Facebook or twitter profile and I will get back to you. Thank You for Reading!

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