P90X Insanity Hybrid Schedule: Will the Beachbody Workout Duo Work for You?

Beachbody Insanity workout and P90X are the most popular routines meeting the fitness and health goals of millions across the world.

The infomercials of these two workouts may have given you a good idea of how you can get absolutely ripped, but the question in place is that, which one is the most suitable plan for you? Here is an overview of the two programs so that you can get the drift and choose wisely:

Beachbody P90X Workout Log and Muscle Training:

P90X creator Tony Horton offers a 90 day challenge towards fitness. If you are a beginner and your fitness deadline urges you to loss a good number of pounds then the P90X’s advanced training technique, “Muscle Confusion”, is the solution.

The exercise routines introduce the use of new moves with resistance training, yoga and cardio. It comes in three different versions:


These three phases go from beginner or amateur levels to advanced forms of training so that your muscles do not get used to the program and you do not get bored.

Beachbody P90X Is Effective For People Who Want:

Simple Exercising with Extreme Results:Abs/Core WorkoutsGain added muscle strength and flexibility

As opposed to P90X routines, Insanity training sessions are more extreme and vigorous. However, Insanity is considered a follow-up on P90X training and the triumphant P90X insanity hybrid results are the proof.

But what Insanity really is?

Beachbody Insanity Workout: Maximizing the Strength

With pools of sweating, Insanity home workout program brings a higher level of fitness. If you are up for the challenge, then Insanity is for you. Shaun T introduces Maximum Interval Training in the Beachbody Insanity workout, which ranges from 38 to 45 minutes in length. Unlike the P90X, Insanity is not for beginners.

Insanity workout 60 day program starts with a 10 minute cardio session for warm up, and then a 10 minute stretch/yoga session before the real workout begins. The results go up to burning 1000 calories in just an hour.

Beachbody Insanity Is Effective For People Who:

Are looking for advanced levels of fitness and seek extreme fitness resultsCan perform maximum intensity and long burst exercisesWant to attain super cardio fat burningAnd want to get Speed and endurance.

Muscle Confusion or Max Interval Training: Concluding the Review:

Even-though people are constantly comparing P90X vs Insanity to figure out the better of the two, but in actual, these are two very different programs designed specifically for different fitness levels. In fact, P90X Insanity hybrid schedule have shown marvelous results as the Insanity programs complements the fitness results of P90X exercise.

Despite the fact that both the workout routines are so different in their styles and temperament, those who have been following the P90X Insanity hybrid schedule found better results than the others. With the start of resistance exercising from P90X and ending to extreme cardio burning workouts from Insanity, the great duo of P90X Insanity hybrid schedule proved to give inspirational results and a perfect body shape.

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