P90X Insanity Results – Steps to Get the Best out of It

When it comes to working out with Beachbody fitness programs, you cannot just “pick and select” from the extreme body transformation workouts. P90X and Insanity are both considered as “intense”, pushing your body to the next level fitnss. Both programs are aimed at building stamina, muscle, and endurance while offering you to shed the fat.

When picking out the best workout for you from the multi-level series of P90X and Insanity workouts, usually you need to ponder over these two issues:

Is the program suitable for your build?

Will it offer you the desired results?

The best way is to evaluate both the programs, and compare the routines to determine if it is up to your aptitude and goals or not.

Steps to Select P90X Workout Schedule or Insanity Program

What Are Your Fitness Goals?

P90X Insanity results are gathered from numerous workout disciplines. Depending upon your fitness goals, choosing the most appropriate workout will be easier.

P90X Results:

More cardio, weight lifting, and anaerobic exercises compile the P90X results. If you are into building the muscles through weights, pushups and pull ups, and cardio routines, then this is for you.

Insanity Results:

More aerobic routines that will make you sweat combines in Insanity workout. With this workout, you will be jogging, running and cycling while enduring miles worth of efforts in just one routine. If you want to boost your heart rate and sweat out the fat, this is for you.

What Are Your Workout Preferences?

You will have different preferences as a beginner, a woman, or an athletic build regarding your workout preferences.

P90X Results:

Based on the workout technique Muscle Confusion Exercising, P90x Workout Routine involves using weights lifting sequences to get you a lean shape, toned muscle mass while cutting the fat.

Results of P90X for women are different as they are for men. They vary when women use smaller weights to add the required intensity without bulking up with the workouts.

Insanity Results:

The secret of Insanity results is that they follow Max Interval Training techniques to enhance the body’s endurance level through intense cardio strengthening workouts, which rates up to 1000 calories within just an hour.

Without stacking up any weights, beginners can take Insanity workouts, only if they are ready for some heavy exercising.

How Much Time Do Need To Workout?

P90X Results:

P90X workout program is a 90-day program, which includes three different versions, Classic, Lean, and Doubles. Each of the workouts in P90X is around 60 minutes long, except the two workout routines: Cardio X, which is 45 minutes long and Yoga X, which is 90 minutes long.

Insanity Results:

Insanity workout on the other hand is a 60-day program that takes around 38 minutes to 55 minutes of your daily time. The second month of Insanity routines is even harder, which ranges from 37 minutes time to 86 minutes.

P90X Insanity Hybrid Workout Plan:

No one can stay with only one workout plan forever. The Beachbody workouts are versatile and you can always edit or mix the program into hybrids according to the needs to achieve incredible results.

Both P90X and INSANITY workouts offer results separately as well as together when they are mixed in a hybrid program. P90X, being a basic workout program to offer complete ripped look, when followed by the Insanity extreme workout is sure to provide you with toned muscles, perfect 6-packs, and will help to build stamina.


Both these workouts are designed for someone who is working out at advanced fitness level, but they both can be modified according to physical preferences. The comprehensive instruction manual and nutrition plan comes along the program to help you mould the workout and take ease while doing the routines.

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