P90X, P90X2 Challenge Pack Sale Offer!

Get ready to be in the best shape of your life with P90X Challenge Pack Sale Offer and P90X2 Challenge Pack Discount Offer! You can start with any beginner level and move on to the P90X2 Challenge Pack! P90X is the most popular workout practiced globally. P90X2 is one level above P90X’s muscle confusion and it engages Post Activation Potential to induce athletic training. As a result, you will experience an improved stamina, bone density, power and energy level.

P90X Challenge Pack and P90X2 Challenge Pack Highlights!

With P90X challenge Pack or P90X2 Challenge Pack, you can get:

Your favorite Workout i.e. P90X or P90X2 along with Meal plan, Fitness guide and Workout Calendar.A chance to win cash prices up to $100,000 via Beachbody challengeFree 30-days membership to teambeachbody gym where you will get 10% discount on all purchasesFree Beachbody coachFree online support 24/7Free Shakeology for 30-days (Your preferred flavor)Free Shipping and HandlingFree sign-up to Facebook accountability groups, and$25 and more saving!

How long is P90X Challenge Pack and P90X2 Challenge Pack offer valid?

You can plan for P90X3 and indulge in P90X and then P90X2 workouts today! This is a limited time offer valid until October 31st, 2013 on limited stocks. Hurry Up! Buy Now before the stock runs out!

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