P90X vs Les Mills Combat – Select the Best Total-Body Conditioning Workout

Beachbody sells the best fitness programs for achieving health and fitness. Choosing the best depends on your body needs. Whether you want to lose weight, get it totally ripped shape or attain health, Beachbody is an effective way to do all that.

The cardio and strength training through the Beachbody fitness programs helps to get you in the best shape of life. The P90X workout review has certified it as the extreme training system to help you attain complete body transformation in just 90 days. Beachbody did not stop there. The addition of first ever Mixed Martial Arts based program “Les Mills Combat” is now pushing the people to start working out, get in shape, build a lean and chiseled body – all in just 60 days.

As both P90X vs Les Mills Combat are muscle conditioning program (varying in intensity), here is a brief overview to understand the difference of conditioning between these two workouts.

Les Mills Combat Conditioning:

The ultimate mixed martial arts–inspired workout program, Les Mills Combat is designed so that you get an outrageously shredded body with the explosive moves from 6 martial arts disciplines. Not only does helps to trigger lean muscle development but the moves are designed so that you can strike your way to tone, condition, strengthen, and burn total body fat.

POWER HIIT 1 is the High Intensity Interval Training workout video, which pushes you to the limits and focuses on total muscle conditioning in just 30 minutes. The result of all the karate styled kicking and boxing is complete muscle toning and a lot of cardio.

P90X Conditioning Workout Program:

The P90X workout program is designed so that you get in the best shape of life in just 90 days. The muscle confusion technique is used in the program, which will condition your muscles to get the ripped look. Tony Horton designs the muscle pumping and shape-building 12 workout videos, which includes workouts ranging from cardio, strength training, core training, and even yoga.

The P90X conditioning method focuses on the buildup of distinct zones like Torso together with backbreaking workouts and backside together with Triceps plus Pilates. In addition, with the P90X Nutrition Plan, Tony Horton will add to the total-body conditioning while cutting down the pounds of fat from the body.

P90X vs Les Mills Combat Conditioning – Verdict

You can take in the warrior’s workout, Les Mills Combat to start your way to a totally conditioned body and get advanced muscle conditioning with P90X workouts. The les mills combat will help to prepare you to run the P90X workouts even smoother.

Boost cardio fitness and improve “all around” body strength, by sticking with the program and getting the results.

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