Power 90 vs P90X – How to Mark Your Work out Differences?

Have you ever worked out with Tony Horton for 90 days to get the transformed and a lean figure? People who want to ramp up their fitness levels and achieve greater results take up both the Power 90 and P90X workout routines.

Based on 90 days time span, these power-building workouts ensures that you are getting the right moves that will augment the muscle build up and fat loss process in the body. Although the trainer Tony Horton teaches both the workouts, P90X is extreme than its successor Power 90.

P90X workout schedule follows Power 90 at its central core and by following a highly more intense workout regimen you will be taken to a completely new extreme level with P90X (stands for Power 90 eXtreme).

Understanding Power 90 vs P90X Differences:

There are many obvious differences between both the Beachbody fitness programs. Power 90 is the original workout series that has been introduced by Tony Horton to give the best workout results.

Power 90 Workout

The original Power 90 workout is centered on the 6 weekly workouts that are 30 minutes in length. The system is designed in a way that with the help of 3 different DVD routines, you will sculpt your body over a 90 day period.

All the 3 DVD’s are packed with a variety of exercise techniques like Kenpo, Cardio, and Plyometric moves and Tony will help you in getting the moves right and motivate you with his captivating enthusiasm.