Pre-Order your Les Mills Combat Today!

If you are among that Beachbody product consumer who is passionate to try something new then, we have great news for you. The news is Beachbody is about to release its new product-Les Mills Combat. Thinking of what’s new with it? It has all those mind blowing workouts that you could only dream of. Don’t you think that it’s a high time for your dream to come to life? Get ready for it, as your dream is about to become a reality!

Les Mills Pump Combat; mixed martial arts workout

You might be wondering what workout’s are being included in this Les Mills Pump Combat that makes it super special? Well, it’s time to reveal it so be ready to get shocked! Its 60 day duration mixed martial arts workout plan. What we meant by mixed martial arts is that you will be doing Karate, Capoeira, Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu if you opt for it. Interesting isn’t it? Plus, they would allow you to get ripped while losing excessive fats and toning your muscles. The best thing you were going to enjoy is the comfort of home while doing these hard core workouts. No other workout can give you that relaxation we bet you!

What good it has for you

If you have ever tried Les Mills Pump workouts, you will feel as if you had advanced to a next level of your fitness when we are referring towards Les Mills combat. It’s a combined product by two martial arts experts- Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham, who are ready to train you to discover your inner warrior while making you healthier and fit and with most exciting background music so that you enjoy your workouts. Other health benefits that you will enjoy through these workouts are:

Toning and beautifully sculptured musclesFat burning to achieve lean bodyImproved