Rules for Hydrating Properly During Exercise Routines

When you are taking on physical activity, it is important that you keep your body properly hydrated. Drinking the right amount of liquids before, during, and after the workouts will augment your body to perform better. A number of international athletes are taking on individualized sports hydration plans suggested by their dietitians. With the right amount of hydration of the body, you can augment your performance in training and prevent dehydration that may come from excessive sweating. Fluids, preferably high in nutritional value, can be consumed in small amounts during the exercise routines, and before or after the workout to enhance your training sessions and avoid the muscle fatigue.

What should be the Hydration Goal during Your Workouts?

The overall goal of taking fluids with your exercise is that, you avoid both dehydration and over drinking. The right amount varies among individuals and the variety of fluid influences the amount required with each workout. Moreover, with intense workout routines that require extensive physical exertion such as P90X, Body Beast, Chalean Extreme, TurboFire, and Hip Hops Abs, you may need to take more liquids to avoid the loss of critical nutrients from the body due to sweating. Here are some tips for you to keep yourself well hydrated during the workouts and to augment the ability to continue exercising at top form.

Pre Workout Hydration Tips:

It is important that you should be well hydrated before your workouts, especially if you are working out in warm environment. If the body temperature rises faster than usual when you work out, you are at the risk of getting a heart stroke as well.

One quick way to keep your body hydrated before the workouts is to take fluids two hours before you start. Shakeology meal replacement shake is a healthy option, which can help cater to the energy needs for workout, while keeping your body nourished. Make sure that your stomach is not overloaded with fluids, as they can become a hurdle for you.

Hydration During the Workouts:

When you are doing the workouts, your workouts can have a negative impact even if you are a little dehydrated. Although you need to be well hydrated before you start the workouts, but even small liquid intake during the workout intervals can help you exercise for a longer time.

Try not to take on energy or sport drinks that contain carbohydrates as the gas can affect your performance.

Post Workout Hydration:

Post workout hydration is essential because it covers the amount of fluids you sweat off during the exercise routines. Drink to quench your thirst and to bring your mechanism back to normal. Moreover, the fluid you intake after the workouts will help your muscles to recover from the fatigues and keep you fresh.


Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated all through the day and replace the fluid levels that you lose during and after your exercises. If you plan to take on an intense workout or workout for longer hours, mark the fluid levels accordingly.

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