Six Steps To Help You Commit To Your Goals

Are you struggling with staying committed to your goals? Struggle no more! I’m here to provide you with my 6 secret steps to refocus your energy and reach your goals!

1. Have two separate lists for your goals. The first, short-term goals. The second, long-term goals. This will help organize your goals via a timeline, which will keep you focused on what you wish to accomplish right around the corner vs. 6 months from now.

2. Hold yourself accountable! Without accountability, it’s easy to wander off and lose focus of the goals ahead of us! Make a weekly to-do list to accomplish your short and long-term goals. Set a time limit to check these off of your agenda. If you don’t finish, or neglect the to-do list, hold yourself accountable!

3. Define your vision and finish line! If your horizon is a little blurry, you’re less likely to take leaps to the end. Make sure your short and long-term goals have definitive ending points and specific dates!

4. Surround yourself with people who support your goals and visions in life. Having supportive friends will help to keep you focused and in line with your vision.

5. Take responsibility and control your choices. Open up your opportunities as far as you can handle, but over supplying yourself with choices and opportunities could cause overwhelming feelings and difficulty staying focused. Keep things simple!

6. Post your goals somewhere you can see them every day. Having your lists hidden in a drawer doesn’t do any good when you only visit the drawer once a week. Try posting your goals on the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, or your nightstand. Having your goals readily available and accessible to view will ensure that your goals are met and always on your mind!

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll be one step ahead in your preparations to achieve your short and long-term goals! Goal making isn’t difficult- it’s the commitment that takes the most work! You can do it!.

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