Spring Break

School’s out for us and it’s SPRING Break around here! I just love being able to stay home with my daughter when she’s off school! If you find yourself home with the kids and looking for some fun activities to keep you and the kids busy- here are some of my favorite ways to have fun!

I wanted to share some of the things we’ve got going on and am including

Bike Rides- whether you have little ones that you can tow along, or ride side by side- a bike ride is ALWAYS a good idea!Roller Skating– inside, outside- whatever side… get on those skates!The Zoo– need we say more? The Zoo is a great way to get exercise (and perhaps an ice cream:) with lots of fun pictures and fun!Planting a Garden– make some memories right outside your home. Plant a little garden or just a flower in a flower pot. Keep it simple or go all out if that’s your thing- but just go for it!Just hanging out!– I  think this one might be my favorite. All those moments at home in pi’s, watching movies and just snuggling!

Whatever you do, I hope you have a fun, healthy and HAPPY Spring Break!

Love, Charity

As always- I’d LOVE to hear from YOU! Please let me know what you like to do for Spring Break with your friends and family! It’s never too late to celebrate spring break. Let me know what you think over on my FACEBOOK.

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