Staying Hydrated

It’s so incredibly important to stay hydrated when you work out.  This is something that is even more important to me, since I have a rare medical condition (Central Diabetes Insipidus) that prevents me from retaining water.  I take medication to help me stay balanced but when I work out, I have to be more cautious than the average person.

I’ve tried many different things. I feel just plain gross when I drink them and sometimes will end up with a headache. Whether if I am running or doing one of my favorite Beachbody home work outs like P90X or Insanity. I have found that drinking the P90X Results and Recovery Drink helps me stay hydrated and feeling good.  I also will use Jelly Belly Sport Beans when I am running over 8 miles.  They are easy to carry with me and taste good. I have never had any issues with them making me feel bad when I am working out.

On another note, I have to say it bothers me when I see parents giving their kids electrolyte drinks instead of water.  Especially when there is no need for a drink that is meant for rehydrating.  I don’t get it…

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