T25 Hybrid Workouts for Advanced Results

Shaun T brings an intense workout plan that will fit your schedule easily. Focus T25 workout is a 10-week program that is split into two phases, the Alpha and the Beta Phase. Each phase lasts 5 weeks. You will be taking on high intensity levels with no breaks and exercising on advanced, faster reps, which will focus on your muscle groups to accelerate the fat burning process.

With the ease of adjusting this workout in your daily routine, you can take on a number of hybrid routines with Focus T25 and improve your fitness results even more. The T25 Hybrid will let you get the instant results of 25 minutes combined with focused and more intense workouts from other Beachbody Fitness program.

Here are a few T25 Hybrid Workouts, which you can try for achieving better health and fitness:

T25 Hybrid Workout with Les Mills Pump:

The Hybrid merger of Focus T25 and Les Mills Pump is an amazing workout program for the beginners. To top, this hybrid workout will be around 40 minutes long, easy to take on, and proven to give great results.

In the Les Mills Pump and T25 Hybrid Workouts, your workout routine will be something like this:

Start with High intense cardio workout for 3 days a week from Focus T25. This will be combined with with the low weight, high repetition, or REP EFFECT training for 3 days a week from Les Mills Pump.

A routine like this will train the new muscles to burn the fat fast and keep you flexible and agile.

The T25 workout schedule with Les Mills Pump hybrid is given below:


TuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayT25CardioLMPPump Basics/ Pump ChallengeT25Speed 1.0LMPPump Basics/ Pump ChallengeT25Lower Focus & CardioLMPPump & ShredRest dayOrStretch from Focus T25 (optional)T25CardioLMPPump & BurnT25Speed 1.0LMPPump & BurnT25Lower Focus & Ab IntervalLMPPump & ShredRest dayOrStretch from Focus T25 (optional)T25Total body CircuitLMPPump & BurnT25Lower FocusLMPPump & ShredT25Total body Circuit & Ab IntervalLMPPump RevolutionRest dayOrStretch from Focus T25 (optional)T25CardioLMPPump & ShredT25Lower FocusLMPPump RevolutionT25Ab Interval & Speed 1.0LMPPump ExtremeRest dayOrStretch from Focus T25 (optional)T25Total body CircuitLMPPump & ShredT25Total body CircuitLMPPump RevolutionT25Lower Focus & Total body CircuitLMPPump ExtremeRest dayOrStretch from Focus T25 (optional)

T25 Hybrid Workout with Chalean Extreme:

Chalean extreme is a supercharged workout that includes the method of Lean Phasing to boost your metabolism and reach your fat loss goals. It is said that with Chalean Extreme, you can burn fat for up to 72 hours after your workout!

To include the 25 minutes of Focus T25 workout, you need to understand what the Chalean Extreme workout entails. It is a 90-day workout schedule, which is divided on three months: The first 30 days will be the Burn Phase, second 30 days will be the Push Phase and the second 30 days will be the Push Phase.

The 15 DVD’s that comes when you buy Chalean extreme  are: Burn Circuit 1, Burn Circuit 2, Burn Circuit 3, Push Circuit 1, Push Circuit 2, Push Circuit 3, Lean Circuit 1, Lean Circuit 2, Lean Circuit 3, Burn it Off, Burn Intervals, Recharge, Extreme Abs, Ab burner, and kitchen makeover.

Check out the images of the T25 Hybrid Chalean Extreme schedule below, taken from someone who have successfully completed the plan:

In short:

Shaun promises to get you the same results in just 25 minutes of Focus T25 workout as you would from an hour-long workout. Get the T25 Hybrid workouts to attain complete full body workout that involves your mind and body into a fast-paced, fat-shredding routine to give you 100% results in the least possible time.

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