Tai Cheng has transformed my friend

I met Ruth at the park about 6 months ago.  Our daughters love to play and we love to talk.  =)  Over the past months we have really gotten to know each other.  We both feel so lucky to know each other and get to live only 2 blocks away from each other.

Ruth has had a number of injuries, bad back, bad knee, arthritis.  We’ve been talking for awhile about her starting Tai Cheng and taking back control over her life and health.  So for her birthday last month, she ordered herself the ultimate present: a new start!!!

Everytime we’ve met at the park since she started it, she can’t stop talking about it…so today, I decided it was time to share her story.  Check it out.  I am really amazed at the changes I have been seeing!!! Ruth is hooked on Tai Cheng

For More info on Tai Cheng click here

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