The Best Thing I Ever Did Was Believe In Myself

February 17, 2008, ~ Olivia Rose Brooks was born. My pride and joy came into my life and like most moms, everything changed...

I had been working full time in my hair salon, Salon Blonde, in Davis California, up until the day my beautiful daughter was born.

I really had no idea how much my life would change when she was born. I thought I would put her in daycare so I could work at my beautiful salon doing what I loved.

I had a lot of pride being a salon owner and I loved doing hair!!

The day I took my baby daughter home from the hospital, I  realized that there was NO way possible I could ever leave her with someone else.

So, I gave up working at my salon during the week and my mom would watch her on Saturdays while I did hair…

Because I had cut my hours at the salon, I lost 75% of my salary but it was worth it to be home with my daughter.  But, we were broke, broker than broke.

My husband was in the military full time and we were just making ends meet. I remember times of the month looking for spare change in the car to buy milk for our daughter or returning things at the local Walmart hoping I would have enough to buy groceries that week.

Life at that time kind of sucked.

I was emotionally, spiritually and financially broken.

Looking back now, I think I was suffering from postpartum depression.

I was living in a new town with more sheep and goats than people and knew absolutely no-one.

My husband would leave for work and I would cry because life was so different and I felt like I was failing at life, I felt like I was failing at being a Mother to my daughter.

I felt stuck in every way possible

I was emotionally, spiritually and financially broke

I had zero confidence

I had no energy

I needed to lose weight

I wanted more but had no motivation

I needed a community

I was tired of not having energy to keep up with my daughter

Tired of living being BROKE and not having money to live life the way I wanted to live

I would wake up every day and hope that it would be different but it wasn't until I decided to make a change.

What changed?

I decided to listen to that voice inside of me that said, you don't have to live like this, you have the power to change.

So I woke up one day and decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I decided that I needed to be more for my daughter and I needed to do something drastic to change.


I am a completely different person. I have energy to keep up with life and wake up with motivation to make a difference in the world.

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