Tips to Maximize Your P90X-Insanity Hybrid Workouts

If you are doing home fitness program by Beachbody then you must be looking for hybrid schedules through which you can pack in the goodness of two great workouts into one schedule to get advanced results of the two.

If you are done with the basic P90X workout program and are looking for something extra try adding Insanity workout schedule to it. Check out the hybrid of these two workouts to determine your fitness goals here: P90X Insanity hybrid schedule. This workout schedule is a widely used program that helps to modify the body to get extreme workout results of the two.

You can maximize the results for P90X workout program and use it up with Insanity schedule for more advanced results through many ways. Here are some techniques through which you can get toned muscles, perfect 6-packs, and a leaner body shape faster when doing the P90X Insanity fitness program.

Augmenting P90X-Insanity Hybrid Results:

As you may know, that P90X is super effective in weight loss, while Insanity brings out the muscle definition. Therefore, by making the hybrid plan for both, you can attain the benefits of both these routines.

• Dividing the Proper Workout Program:

The P90X Insanity Hybrid will be three months program where you will be focusing on everything taken from both the programs.

For the first month, you need to take the first month by using the P90X lift days exactly as they are. This will help your body to pump up.

By the second month, include the Insanity for the cardio days, but keep the P90X lift days.

You can use the Day 1 and 3 for the P90X lift days but substitute Day 5 with Insanity Upper Body Lifting workouts. Also, include the Abs variety by alternating the ARX and Cardio Abs. For cardio workouts in the Hybrid schedule, here is how you can maximize your workout results: Add PlyoX for day 2, Pure Cardio for Day 4, and Plyo Cardio Circuit for Day 6.

If you have only the base Insanity package, you will not have the Upper Body Lift schedule. Therefore, you will need to keep the Legs and Back in the rotation every single week.

For third month, You can take the same substitution of workouts from 2nd month to the third month of your hybrid schedule. Take transition to use Max Interval Circuit workout schedule on the Day 2 and use Max Cardio on Day 4, and Max Plyo on Day 6, to get Insane abs.

As for the recovery week, you can use the workout routines of any workout program you find more suitable.

• Maximizing Results with Nutrition:

Both Insanity workout program and P90X workouts come with nutrition plans to augment the results. P90x includes the results and recovery, while Insanity has the Elite Nutrition Plan. You can also use Shakeology supplement to augment the results of your workouts.

In Short:

The beauty of these workout programs is that you can mix the program according to your will. The Insanity-P90X nutrition guide will help you maximize the results the way you want to. In addition, you can use the hybrid with after completing any one of the program for maximized results.

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