Vanilla Shakeology Recipes – Add Versatility to Your Diet

To live healthy, you need to eat smart. Often people fail to add proper nutrition to their daily meals by following unhealthy eating habits. The best way is to take a glass of Shakeology daily and add nutrition enrichment.

The best part about Shakeology is that it is versatile and with the new vanilla flavor, you just cannot go wrong with anything. The pure and natural flavor of vanilla can be molded in any kind of dessert, drink or a yummy snack to give you nutrition and delight together. The Vanilla Shakeology recipes are so well designed that they “acts as a salad, taste like a desert”, without ever stucking in the rut.

Making Top Vanilla Dessert with Shakeology

By blending any fruit or nut with Shakeology and choosing the desired density of the shake as per your taste, your imagination alone can decide the true number of Vanilla Shakeology recipes. Some people like it thick, while others prefer thinner shakes. You can add more milk, water, or ice and change the texture of your Shakeology mug.

Here is a tip: add some fruits (fresh or frozen), pour in some almond or rice milk or even almond butter, and blend until creamy – you will have the yummiest shake within a few minutes!

Mix and match a number of ingredients to make a healthy dessert daily without getting bored. Your daily Shakeology shake has so many nutrients that you will feel exceptional every time you drink it. Buy Vanilla Shakeology and start getting fully optimized health.

Vanilla Shakeology Recipes According To Calorie Count:

Vanilla Shakeology not only caters to the sweet temptations but also ensures that you do not fall off the fitness wagon by making unhealthy food choices. One scoop of Vanilla Shakeology equals to just around 130 calories, whereas a piece of cake triples that number.

You can find a number of different recipes that range from less than 200 calories up to more than 400 calories available at Beachbody’s website to help you eat smart daily.

Click below to try out the recipes:

Vanilla Shakeology Recipes less than 200 CaloriesVanilla Shakeology Recipes ranging between 200–300 CaloriesVanilla Shakeology Recipes ranging between 300–400 CaloriesVanilla Shakeology Recipes ranging between 400–500 Calories

Try out your favorite recipe each day or even make one for the family gatherings, as they are so appetizing. The amazing flavor of Vanilla Shakeology will make you feel good whenever you are feeling sluggish. Moreover, it will aid to control your hunger pangs when you crave for something sweet, while offering complete nutrition for optimal functioning of the body.

Buy Vanilla Shakeology, start mixing the flavors for fun, and be on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

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