Why You Must Light Your Own Fire To Fuel Your Biggest Dreams

I recorded the video below recently while on one of my runs. While on this run, it hit me. Once upon a time, I had never done any running. Until one day, a spark was lit. An idea took form.

And I started running.

Now running is something I’m enormously passionate about. I run half-marathons, all over the country. Me! Who once never even thought of running.

What about you?

What are your biggest dreams? You most desired goals?

What do you want to do, be, achieve, conquer more than anything? What must happen in your life for you to let those dreams shine?

I’m not talking about a little night light shine. No, sir! I’m talking big, huge, bright, blinding, shining light.

 Lighting A Fire

We all have goals and dreams. Some we’ve had forever.

Others show up later on.

We all have a perfect vision of our lives in mind. We know what makes us happy, what makes us sad. We know what gives our lives meaning and what threatens to take it away.

But knowing what we want our lives to look like isn’t enough. It must be a burning, high desire. And it has to come from within yourself.

Have you ever started something you never finished? You began with enormous enthusiasm, ready to take on the world, only to get sidetracked and eventually stopped.

Or maybe something is still calling to you, but you keep ignoring it because you’re afraid. You’re afraid you’ll fail. You’re scared it will be too hard.

You worry it won’t work out.

If you’ve never experienced these feelings, then you must be Super Woman.

It’s a rare person who hasn’t been afraid to chase a dream. Fear is only one of the reasons we hold back though I’m willing to bet it’s at the heart of all of them.

You reach that fork in the road, one path being the easy way and one representing the more challenging, yet ultimately rewarding path.

Which road will you take? Are you willing to choose the difficult, yet superior way toward your goals?

Or will you wimp out and pick the easy one?

The choice is yours.

How important is it to you that you’re willing to meet any challenge and not be stopped?

It Has To Come From Within YOU

Open almost any social media site and you’ll find motivational quotes, pictures, posts, and articles.

These inspirational posts can light within you a spark of desire and motivation, but if that spark isn’t already there, it’s likely to go out.

It’s fine to let outside motivators inspire you when you’re struggling, but if you rely on them to realize your dreams and reach your goals, you’ll be disappointed.

Everyone has within themselves a desire to do something. That something is different for everyone. Sometimes it a longstanding desire you’ve felt for so long you don’t remember when it wasn’t there.

Other times you’re presented with an opportunity that at first seems uninteresting and undesirable, but over time, it catches hold and won’t let go.

No matter where or when it originates, it’s up to you to see it through. Others can help you, lend support, lift you up when you’re down.

But only you can write the final chapter.

You are the only one who can decide what you’re willing to do to reach your goals.

Growth Can Be Painful

The expression growing pains exists for a reason. Growth can indeed be painful. It can be difficult. It can threaten to stop you every chance it gets.

Growth always involves getting uncomfortable.

We’d all like nothing better than to snuggle into our warm little comfort zone. And there are times when you need to retreat to that safe place.

But you don’t want to stay there. At least not for too long. Because sitting in a comfy spot for a long time means nothing changes. For better or worse.

Of course, we want the changes to be for the better, but sometimes it can seem like it’s for the worst, before you’ve reached your goal.

Those struggles, challenges and difficulties can derail you if you aren’t careful.

So What’s Stopping You?

What have you had in the back of your mind for a while? Is there a business you’d love to start, but have been afraid to take the leap?

Have you thought about starting a new type of exercise program, or maybe get started running, like I did?

Just about anything you do in life has the potential to scare you, if you let it. And just so you know, being scared is okay. Who wouldn’t be afraid to start something new, something as yet unproven and untested, at least in your experience?

Being scared is okay. Courage is described not as a lack of fear, but rather taking action in spite of that fear. At the beginning of every success story is an act of courage. We don’t often think about it as such, but it’s true.

Even starting a family can be scary. Will you be able to afford it? Will you know what to do? Will you be a good parent?

Thankfully, most people find their way past those fears, right?

Any new endeavor has similar qualities. There’s always a sense of the unknown. But when you are driven with enough desire and passion, you’ll move forward anyway.

Don’t look for someone or something else to light your fire and keep you on track. If you must rely on external forces, you’ll be continually vulnerable to derailment.

Look within yourself. Find that spark of passion that you may be keeping tamped down. Give it some air. Let it breathe.

Fan the spark until it turns into a fire. And let your burning desire keep the flames burning.

You’ll encounter challenges. You’ll run into obstacles.

But when you want something badly enough, that fire will never go out.

Do you have a passion that you want to pursue, but haven’t started yet? Or maybe you’re on your journey towards your life’s passion already. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Head over to my Facebook page and leave me a comment. Let’s keep the conversation going.


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