Will P90X Insanity Hybrid Work? Revise Your Workout Schedule

Various hardcore Fitness regimes aim to get the body in top shape. P90X and Insanity both are the best Beachbody fitness programs that have offered extreme results to the people.

Taking a hybrid workout of these the multi-level DVD series will help to pack toned muscles, and perfect six packs. A 13-week duo of Insanity and P90X Hybrid schedule will strengthen your cardio while intensifying your resistance.

If you have been using the P90X Insanity workout hybrid, you may need to look at these surefire ways to increase intensity and improve on the success rate and results.

Revisit Your P90X Insanity Workout Schedule:

P90X Insanity Hybrid combines selective routines from both programs and creates an extremely intense fitness program. Here is how you should be planning your P90X-Insanity Hybrid Workout:

Right Way to Follow the Hybrid Plan Weekly/Monthly.

P90X Insanity Hybrid workout is based on the P90X workout schedule. Therefore, it will be 90 days (3 months) long.

The first month is the Decide Phase.

In this first month, first three weeks,  you will be focusing on strength training, followed by a “recovery” week on the fourth week. The recovery week training will be taken from the Insanity Workout Schedule.

The second month is the Commit phase:

In this month, the weeks five through eight will follow the same structure of strength training and recovery from the first month, and will use the more cardiovascular exercises with increased intensity.

The final third month is the Succeed Phase:

This month, that includes the last 4 weeks should be designed by mixing in and combining both strength training, cardiovascular and recovery exercises.

Modifying Your P90X Insanity Hybrid Workouts:

You can always modify your fitness routines with P90X and Insanity Hybrid because it is not a traditional program and thus, tailor it according to your requirements. If you think that one workout is getting you more results than the other is, feel free to revise the workout to add, delete or replace the routine with other workouts.

Inclusion of Chalene Johnson’s workout routines or taking workout schedule from P90X 2 or Asylum can also help to intensify the results of your workouts. However, if you are just a beginner, try not to add more intensity or create a greater challenge that may end up in injury.

Concluding your Workout Hybrid Successfully:

The P90x Hybrid insanity workout is designed so that you can get the maximum results from the multiple workout routines.

To augment the results even further, try to use the nutrition guide that comes with the programs and follow the routines. Select from either one of the nutrition plan and Shakeology for enhanced results.

Do share if the revision of your hybrid schedule helped to improve your results!

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