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Do you want to create more open and enriching communication within your relationships? 

Do you want to communicate from a place of power, wisdom and wholeness? 

Are you paying attention to the way you are communicating with yourself?


The Lover holds a strong line of communication with themselves.  Paying attention to your needs and desires and how to meet them, so you can feel filled up and in love with yourself.

She is the holder of intimacy and connection with self.

She reminds you of your greatness.

She chooses love in her daily actions, decisions and thoughts

She expands your capacity to express unconditional love

She is genuine


Through self-love and nourishing interaction with yourself, you invoke the Lover and allow yourself to become a conduit for more of the same in your relationships.

“Self-love is a practice to increase your inner container to hold the love you desire so you are able to fully receive it.” – Tanya Lynn

Self love is about making a stand to be and act as the greatest lover of all, to be your own lover and your own best friend. To show up for yourself no matter what.

It’s time to allow yourself to truly drop in and create a practice that holds you, so that you can look in the mirror and speak with utmost care for yourself.


At this month’s circle, invoke the lover as we step into sacred self-love and make space for the lover within us to truly blossom. 

Join us as we awaken the power of self love as a vehicle for more loving and connected relationships with others.

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✨ MEDITATION to open yourself to infinite love and gratitude

✨ MOVEMENT to open yourself up to the mystic, through heart and soul

✨ INTIMATE SHARING to connect with other women and transmute your experiences into your power

✨ RITUAL to empty out and make space to be activated as a divine channel

Let us come together in Circle and create safe space to be held and witnessed as we reclaim all that we are and all that we desire to be.  It is in Circle that we remember our birthright to take up space and be here authentically, vulnerably, bravely as we create our lives.

Space is limited … Save your seat in circle for this transformational experience that will uplift, inspire and empower you.

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